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  3. 留学签证问答
  4. 各国对陪读的规定
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  • 留学签证问答

  • 毕业计划题 What is your future plan? / What will do after graduation? Would you come back after graduation? What degree do you intend to achieve after graduation? Will you want to immigrate (settle in) to the UK? After graduation, will you plan to find a job in the UK? In the UK, you will earn much more money than in China. Then why do you say you will come back to China? If a company wants to hire you after graduation, would you come? What do you think your future position after your study? And what do you think your future salary?

    学校专业题 Where will you study? How did you know the university? How much do you know about the school? Which subjects will you study? What is your proposed course? Which course will you study? What's the course arrangement? How many hours will you study per week? When is the opening date of school term? Where are you going to live in the UK? Do you need use English in your work? Do you have to take the English courses? Have you ever considered other schools while applying? What are they then? Then why do you choose *** University? Why do you choose *** (专业)? Why do you want to study *** (专业)? How much do you know about your courses? What is your last degree obtained? When did you graduate? What have you studied? Can I look at your transcript? What are you doing now? / What do you do now?

    基础题 Are you fit and well enough to be interviewed? Is this your application form? Do you understand it and did you sign it? And how long? What is the maximum time you wish to stay (study) there? Are you travelling along or with someone else? Do you know anyone at all in the United Kingdom? Is any of your family outside China now? If so, who are they and where? Do you know anyone else who intends to travel to the United Kingdom? Do you know anyone you know been refused a visa to go to the United Kingdom? Are you one of any political parties in China? Have you ever applied for a visa to go to any other country? Is this your first time applying for a visa? Is this your first time going out of China? Why do you want to go to the UK? What will you do in the UK? Why do you intend to study in the UK rather than in China? What degree will you plan to pursue in the UK?

    资金题 What are your tuition fees? What about the living expenses? / In addition to tuition fees? Do you know how much money does it cost for the entire period of your study? Do you have so much money? Is the fund available? How much? Does it include the stocks? Where does the money come from? / Who will pay you money? / Who will pay your courses? Who will sponsor you? What's their annual income? / What's your parents' salary? What do your parents do? / How can they support you? / How does the money come from? Can you give some description of your father's company? Can you give some description of your mother's company? Can I look at your bankbooks? Can I look at the bank certification?

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